Ongoing Erotica and Other Projects

Curious kittens like to explore… and where better than in the realms of the imagination?

(… and inside the dungeon, of course!)

Erotic Novellas

Chapter by chapter a world is built. Over on Wattpad a Valkyrie Hunts, a werelion finds her Pride, and tantalising whispers of tales to be told tease the mind. Go, read, follow, and enjoy these works in progress here.

Madam Xanadu’s House of Dreams

Blue door with Brass handle captioned Madam Xanadu's House of Dreams

The creative, erotic, hypnotic, adventure that is Madam Xanadu’s House of Dreams. Enter if you so desire… Responsible adults only. Mature and strange content may be found within… this audio VR Bordello.

Visit Madam Xanadu’s Here.

The Crimson Coven

Collaborative creative communion.

Explore the Crimson Coven.

An Erotic Journey

Have you ever visited the temple of the Priestess of Pleasure? Would you like to…?

Welcome to the Temple.

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