The Crimson Coven

A collective for magical, multimedia, ritual exploration of sacred sexuality and the divine erotic.

Roses: Red, pink, and white. With greenery.
Beauty is a blessing, and includes the thorn.

We are…

Creatives conjuring beauty and desire.

Divine beings embodying sensual spirit.

Witches delving into the darkness and light of magic.

What would it mean to be a Priestex of Pleasure, Passion, and Play?

Join us as we worship the Red Goddess, the Horny God, and the Divine Androgyne in the Twisted Temple and invoke their blessings and bounty into the world…

Project: The Twisted Temple

Invocations and creative ritual to honour the deities of desire, and to conjure pleasure, beauty, and sensual delight.

Ritual, words, modelling, and concept by Twisted Ms Quin in collaboration with photographer, videographer, and artist Ruth Hogg.

Visit the Twisted Temple.

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