Announcing MY KINKY BOOK “TWISTED” ~ OUT 30th SEPTEMBER 2020!!!

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my upcoming kinky collection of poems and pondering is now available!!! This is an exploration of kink, sexuality, desire, magic, and love, all bundled up in delicious, poetic writing.

AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM MY BOOKSHOP! Or direct from the publisher here.


The blurb from the publisher:

Playful. Honest. Twisted.

This extraordinary collection of poetry ventures into the taboo subject BDSM. Through poetry and short narratives, Ms Quin tells from personal experience and gives us a glimpse into the world of erotic role play, bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism.


I’m so happy I said yes to this book because I devoured the first half in a sitting, took a break, and then swallowed the rest the next day…

Twisted takes you into a sensual exploration of what you may or may not consider desirable and pleasant, makes you rethink about dominance and submission, and how both can be equally liberating and healing. In short: sexy, arousing, with a good dose of kink and spirituality, and a nice writing style. Ms Quin has a good hand, good ideas and the ability to express them without being graphic or vulgar. Me likes!

by Kyler B. Warhol ~ Read the rest of the review, and then the rest of his blog, here!

An evocative reading… Who said being healthy couldn’t be sexy? It was full of surprises. ^^

By Alan D.D. – read the full review On Goodreads in English and Spanish!

Find Twisted in my bookshop, Quin’s Books, on Amazon – available in paperback or on Kindle (including Unlimited) – Waterstones, and at your local indie bookstore.

Please note: all Quin’s Books links are affiliate links.

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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