Crimson Manifesto

A magical collective for multimedia art and ritual exploration of love and lust, pleasure and desire, sacred sexuality and the divine erotic.

Our Manifesto

We are…

~ Creatives conjuring beauty and desire.

~ Divine beings embodying sensual spirit.

~ Witches and practitioners delving into the darkness and light of magic.

~ Exploring what it means to be devotees of Pleasure, Passion, and Play.

We honour the archetypes and beings of the Red Goddess, the Horned God, and the Divine Androgyne in their many guises in our Temple and invoke their blessings into the world…

Founding Principles

In a time where the intellect is valued over living in one’s body, it is easy to forget that spirit resides in the flesh. Matter and energy are one, the divine and the tangible are two sides of the same coin. 

Pleasure is often seen as either unworthy, or the only thing of value. It is used as an escape or as bait, the promise of something which cannot be bought, wrapped in a bow. We are offered trinkets and sweets instead of life. And we accept, because we have been divided from our own sacred selves, our own sexuality, our own embodied pleasure and power. 

Women, men, and queer folk alike are taught that there is only one way to connect and delight in each other, and it leaves many of us bereft of what is possible. Our sexuality is controlled and denied, turned against us, in order to keep us from being whole in ourselves and healthy together. And those of us who fall outside the binary boxes of self, or acceptable models of love, lust, and desire? It can be a long journey back to our selves. 

Our minds were divided from our hearts and our flesh, and now we are seeking reunion. 

There are as many paths home as there are seekers, but we choose to follow the light of divine love and pleasure to find spirit in embodiment. We seek to become whole and aligned within ourselves and to honour this within the world. 

The Practice

The Crimson Coven is a collective of magical practitioners, working their magic through art, devotion, discussion, ritual, and personal acts of beauty, love, and pleasure.

Members are invited to build or deepen their spiritual practice to support their journey toward embracing their own sacred sensuality. This may involve intentional creativity, meditation, devotional prayer, or ritual. Together we share ideas and resources to support each other in our work.

We operate under the kinky model of SSC – Safe, Sane, and Consensual practices. This means that we each take personal responsibility for ensuring that our activities are as safe as we can make them, avoiding harm, they are rooted in a healthy mental state where we are capable of acting reasonably, and everyone involved is involved with their full, informed consent. Each practitioner thus takes responsibility for their own actions.

There are many deities who embody the archetypes we are exploring, including those of divine lover, healthy hedonist, and sacred sexual being, and many of us have or seek a relationship with them as divine spirits, as expressions of life, or as reflections of our highest selves.

We do not dictate how anyone sees or relates to them, and there is space for whichever metaphysical model works for us all within the Crimson Coven. No one is required to work with any particular being, and may choose to focus solely on these energies and patterns as they manifest through their own life. Respect for approaches different to your own is essential, however, and it is worth being clear on your own views in any collaborations between members to ensure a mutually respectful approach.

In short, our guiding principles are:

  • Love
  • The importance of embodiment
  • The value of Pleasure
  • Personal responsibility and mutual Respect

The waiting list to join the collective is now open, get in touch if you’d like an invitation when the temple is ready…

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