Twisted Temple

All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

~ from The Charge of the Goddess

  • Roses: Red, pink, and white. With greenery.
  • A knowing smile

Within us each is a twisted thread, a winding journey, woven of darkness and light. Where these cross is the space of presence, passion, life. Here at the crossroads of what is and what could be is the Twisted Temple. Here is a place where your prayers can flow up and down, to the Queen of Heaven, the Lord of the Earth, and the Spirit of Union, and be answered in the flesh, in the delight and healing of beauty and pleasure.

The Twisted Temple is a collection of invocations and creative ritual to honour the deities of desire, and to conjure pleasure, beauty, and sensual delight. It exists wherever you call upon it, wherever you express that desire, that longing for love in your soul.

Please accept these offerings, and pray with us.

Each series is created in creative ritual and magic, with a devotional intent, to channel, share, and inspire a connection with the divine erotic in our lives.

Ritual, words, modelling, and concept by Twisted Ms Quin in collaboration with photographer, videographer, and artist Ruth Hogg. (Current images on this page by Ms Quin, while the official works are being edited…)

Twisted Temple: Her

Prayers, devotional art, and invocations for the Red Goddess, the Divine Feminine in her many guises.

Working begun: Friday 12th February 2021, on the day of Venus, in the hour of Venus, during a New Moon, Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, and the start of Valentine’s weekend!

Twisted Temple: Him

Prayers, devotional art, and invocations for the Horned God, the Divine Masculine in his many guises.

To begin…

Twisted Temple: Them

Prayers, devotional art, and invocations for the Dancing Spirit, the Divine Androgyne in their many guises.

To begin…

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