Party time!

Last month was the book launch party… As with so many things nowadays it was via video call, which was odd for a book themed around touch, community, and connection, but it did mean that people from all over the world could attend and that was wonderful.
To be surrounded by my people, and to share something so personal, which I’d poured so much of myself into, and receive such love and sorry in return was humbling and an absolute blessing. My gratitude to everyone who came, and to everyone who wanted to but couldn’t make it.

I was nervous beforehand, of course, but fear and excitement run the same pathways in the body and as soon as we began it was pure delight! Some people there were kinky, but some weren’t so I started with a little introduction to what I mean by kinkiness before reading a poem or three and taking questions.

The first part of the launch party is now up here on Anchor for you to enjoy if you so choose. In it I share a poem invoking Babalon, as goddess of sex, love, magic and war, some thoughts on playtime, and why I couldn’t let fear of what people might think stop me from sharing my poetry… among other things.

So, lovelies, raise a glass to the Goddess with me in celebration… Twisted is officially launched into the world!

Get your own copy here (or, better still, order it from your local bookstore!) and please, if you like it, share a review on my book’s page at the publishers! Even just stars on Amazon make a difference, truly.

Thank you, lovelies.

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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