Tie Me Up

Winding jute across my skin,
sinking down and deeper in, 
edges felt in knots so tight 
I find myself in gentle night. 
Whispered touch of sensual care, 
shows me I am here, not there, 
wordless we speak across the space, 
safely held within this place. 

I’m a rope bunny – rope is my favourite kink. The sensation, the beauty, the application of skill. Given that I was rarely able to find someone who could tie me (safely) I began tying myself… Immediately a world opened up. I was always there so was never short of a model to practice on, nor did I have to go far to find someone to put me in rope.

When I’m with someone else the cord becomes a visible, tactile, aspect of our connection, our communication. It traces out with pressure the ways in which we are present with each other. We can play with power and the dynamics of our interactions through tangible threads. When I’m in rope my mind calms, my body relaxes, I know where I end and the world begins. And playing with the sensations of pleasure and pain can be a lot of fun too.

I enjoy so much about it, but it’s so easy to slip into habits and find yourself just tying the same basic patterns. When I joined the BDSM community I found a group called “Self-tie Tuesday” and the weekly prompts got me started exploring different concepts and patterns, so I’m excited to find a blog based, Tuesday tying project again, with an excuse to explore beauty through rope and the photography to share it.

Badge: A decorative red knot with "Tie me up Tues" written over it.
Tie Me Up Tuesday

I’m looking forward to finding and sharing inspiration in rope, and the encouragement to talk about why I love it so much. It’s important to remember that this is risky play though, especially if you’re tying yourself as you’re on your own if something goes wrong. So… Ideally tie with others around to help if you get stuck, keep EMT shears (safety scissors) on hand, and don’t tie on joints, or where you might cut off circulation or impinge nerves. Always make sure you can reach your scissors and untie before you get tired. Seriously, use your common sense.

Tonight’s TMUT rope prompt? Gauntlets!

Arm gauntlet in red rope – self tied June 2020

Go check out the other entries for Tie Me Up Tuesday! And follow this blog for more writings and rope with the follow button below.

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

3 thoughts on “Tie Me Up

  1. Oh I’m so excited to see you have joined in with the meme! Hello fellow rope bunny! The way you talk about your experience with rope is so wonderful to read. It feels a little like reading a poem, somehow 😊
    I love that you chose to make a red gauntlet while wearing something red too. It’s such a beautiful picture and the gauntlet looks so good. I’m very excited to see your future ties!


    1. Yay! Rope Bunnies unite! (Not untie, that’s a very different thing. *grumbles*)

      Thank you. 🙂 I love writing poetry, there’s a challenge in taking complex ideas and simmering them down into something that tastes good on the tongue with an economy of words. It feels like crafting a spell to conjure a feeling in whoever might, if I’m lucky, read it.

      And yay! I’m glad you like the picture/tie. I’m looking forward to joining in further in the future, and to exploring the other posts… thank you for the excuse to pull my ropes out and explore again. I miss tying my friends, and being tied by them, that exploration of all the things rope can hold is not something I’ve found anywhere else, really.


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