Who is Twisted Ms Quin?

Welcome to the Twisted world of Ms Quin. Honestly, she’s only playing… It isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Ms Quin is a lifelong witch and sensual creature, exploring the richness of life through the multifaceted nature of kink and magic. A devotional poet and reflective writer, she weaves words along the edges of the world, offering up a glimpse into the healing and hope possible beyond taboo. Her practice is rooted in embodiment, and her writing is in itself a spell to explore and heal the perceived division between flesh and spirit. 

From The Publishers ~ Herbary Books

BDSM has a bad reputation, but then, honestly, so does sex. It’s so important to us that we wrap it in social restrictions and repressions, and we cut ourself off from the healthy expression of lust, love, and desire in the process.

These writings are my attempt to explore these spaces which are taboo, and to share a glimpse into a world where “safe, sane, & consensual” are the watchwords, and connection, sensation, power and fantasy are there to be honoured and enjoyed.

This is a love letter. A love letter to life, lust, and the sacred expression of sensual desire.

I have been kinky since before I knew what kinky was, queer for just as long, and an active member of the BDSM community for the past several years.

My writing is a mixture of experience and fantasy, and no, I won’t tell you which bit is which… But I hope that it serves as a glimpse into what is possible when we embrace our nature as sensual, magical creatures, with other adults who share our fascinations.

Besides… We call it playtime for a reason!

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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