Announcing MY KINKY BOOK “TWISTED” ~ OUT 30th SEPTEMBER 2020!!! I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my upcoming kinky collection of poems and pondering is now available!!! This is an exploration of kink, sexuality, desire, magic, and love, all bundled up in delicious, poetic writing. AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM MY BOOKSHOP! Or direct from theContinue reading “TWISTED BOOK”

Who is Twisted Ms Quin?

Welcome to the Twisted world of Ms Quin. Honestly, she’s only playing… It isn’t as scary as it sounds. Ms Quin is a lifelong witch and sensual creature, exploring the richness of life through the multifaceted nature of kink and magic. A devotional poet and reflective writer, she weaves words along the edges of theContinue reading “Who is Twisted Ms Quin?”