Madam Xanadu’s House of Dreams

In the city, just off the high street, through a narrow alleyway, runs a cobbled road beside a low, building with all the windows curtained in sapphire blue velvet. The curtains are never open, at least, not as far as anyone ever remembers. The door is of the same rich blue and sits back from the path, sunken into an alcove in the wall, up three smooth marble steps. I’m sure you’ve seen it, everyone knows it. It hums with the low hum of electricity and everyone knows why.

This is Madam Xanadu’s House of Dreams.

Blue door with Brass handle captioned Madam Xanadu's House of Dreams

Muses walk the halls, guiding you through electrically charged sapphire dreams in a virtual reality bordello. Deeper in, augmented reality meets flesh and encounters become even more real in the dungeons and boudoirs. And of course, in the belly of it all, the mysterious Madam Xanadu, guiding it all…

Surrender yourself to our administrations and feed the dreaming machines.

Watch this space… And see if you too fall under Madam Xanadu’s spell…

Madam Xanadu’s is an erotic adventure of hypnotic audio files to entrance, short stories, and a whole world of pleasure by the twisted Ms Quin.

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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