Once Lilith Came

 you showed me a little black serpent.
 It slid through the dirt
 writing its love of the land
 in the tracks left behind.
 Its scales stroking 
 the earth
 with every motion,
 a lover
 who could not bear to be parted
 from the object
 of their devotion.

 you had me listen to the owls
 calling in the night
 from the tall trees that stay green
 into the depths of winter.
 Their voices echoed
 off the valley walls
 and they spoke to each other
 of the darkness
 that hid my watchful eyes
 and held them safe.

 you lifted my feet from the ground
 with your strong winds
 and let me feel like I could fly
 just for a moment.

 you slipped into my bed,
 your fingers softly insistent
 that my body was as worthy of touch 
 as the earth.
 Your voice was enchanting,
 summoning cries of pleasure in the darkness,
 reminding me that 
 it is safe to be heard.
 You moved me that night,
 lifting me
 from the mistaken belief
 that I was asking for too much.

 you dancing through my life
 woke my body
 touched my mind
 kissed my soul
 and gave me back my heart.
 Pure and whole and mine
 to choose what I desire.


In Twisted Bliss,

~Ms Quin

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Have you ever been visited by a Goddess such as She?

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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