Sacred Sex, Holy Kink

LIghts in the branches of a beech tree at night

Honest reflections of a Kinky Witch.

Witchcraft. And Kink.

Both steeped in ritual and exploration of the edges of the expected, respectable, normality.

It was perhaps inevitable that these two passions of mine would combine with writing to manifest in reflections on sex, magic, kink… and the Divine Erotic.

We live our lives on the edges of possibility. Our day to day of existence passing like a river as we ride the ride of life.


That gift we so often take for granted.

That divine spark which fills us in every moment until our death.

We are here, now, alive. And every breath contains the possibility for romancing life, for weaving magic into every cell and sinew, and for living with all we have to live. Remember the pleasure in inhaling a beautifully scented flower. Think of the delight in a soft caress. Imagine the last glorious sunset you saw, all the colours that heralded the coming of night and took your breath away. The music that conjures dancing in your fingers and toes. The tastes that make you purr with pleasure. The things that fill your heart with beauty and delight. The touch of a lover. The ecstasy of orgasm. The bliss of relaxation. These are sensual, erotic pleasures that remind us that we are alive. These are divinely erotic moments which offer us connection, power, and magic.

When these things are met with innocent, honest, delight, and allowed to carry us into our highest potential, there we meet the Holy. There we meet the gods of sex, love, and magic. The deities of passion. The Divine Erotic.

Follow me to the temple
 where we can dance once again
 Follow me to the temple
 of the goddess of pleasure and pain.


In Twisted Bliss,

~Ms Quin

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Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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