Words from a Goddess

Stop trying to find the path to who you are, you are already there. Come home to yourself and simply Be.

What does it mean to be what you are?




Notice your nature, accept it, and be present in it. Sounds simple when you put it like that, right?

In seeking an understanding of the divine feminine, masculine, and androgyne, I’d spent years trying to work out how to outline my workings out, but that isn’t always the way to understand something. For years I’d used this method to great effect, linear exploration of a problem, seeking the end point of understanding.

But it wasn’t working for this.

I could feel the distinction between these aspects of myself, but I couldn’t grasp what it meant. And then I realised I was trying to know instead of simply being. This is an experience, not a theory. I’m good at theories… But I had to let that come later.

Now, I’m listening to the goddess who guides me. I’m relearning how to embody the divine erotic that I am.

And I’m coming to accept that welcoming in the divine feminine does not mean denying the parts of me that are not “she”.

I’d run from being a girl, and then a woman, even a queer one, in many ways in my life, for many reasons. Partly because to say yes to that felt like saying no to half of me. When I realised this… I understood how to stop running.

How to explore this embodied existence and to just be all of me.

How to honour and celebrate the divine erotic in all its forms, starting with Her.

Through art as invocation, creativity as magic; the ritual of sensual beauty.

Roses: Red, pink, and white. With greenery.
Perhaps you’d like to join me in the Crimson Coven?

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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