Follow me to the Temple

Follow me to the temple where we can dance once again Follow me to the temple of the goddess of pleasure and pain. Meet me now in the circle of arms holding each other tight, meet me now in the circle where we make each other feel right. Light the bright flame of passion soContinue reading “Follow me to the Temple”

KOTW – Graveyards

Sanctuary A garden of graves, of bones, of places where we’ve planted our beloved dead. I love graveyards. They’re peaceful. The old stone angels stand between ancient yews, heavy with berries and death, give it a holy air. The song of the toxic trees is like a choir, music of eternal renewal and endless sleep.Continue reading “KOTW – Graveyards”


This is where I find religion. Under dim, spinning lights. In surrender to the beat. Sweat dripping, flicking, from whipping hair-tips. Hips grinding, winding, asking any who dare to watch if they really thought I would sit quietly. I weave my prayers through the music, given over to the gods. Supplication, revelation, sacrifice. Communion. MyContinue reading “Communion”