Lingerie and Lust

Soft silk & lace against hard flesh makes my knees weak. Fingertips over silk. Stroking his firm muscle & bone through the richness of velvet? Divine. And a sharp cut suit over sumptuous curves, framing beautiful breasts, until I tear it off her? Heavenly. Screw the department signs in M&S.There’s little more perfectly sensual thanContinue reading “Lingerie and Lust”

KOTW – Graveyards

Sanctuary A garden of graves, of bones, of places where we’ve planted our beloved dead. I love graveyards. They’re peaceful. The old stone angels stand between ancient yews, heavy with berries and death, give it a holy air. The song of the toxic trees is like a choir, music of eternal renewal and endless sleep.Continue reading “KOTW – Graveyards”