Kneeling at My Master’s feet the chaos of the world fades into nothing. I await Her direction, grass growing over my calves. Her hand rests upon my crown, marking my place in the whole of things. My place, here, beneath the hand of Love.


Originally posted on twitter for #Kinktober2020 Prompt: Master/slave


I do, occasionally, enjoy kneeling at the feet of my lover, resting against them, feeling their presence protecting me.

Even so, I would make a terrible BDSM “lifestyle slave”, or even taking a servant type role; placing my faith in someone to direct my life seems foolish when I’m pretty damn good at it myself. But I get the appeal. When the world gets tough and I place myself under the hand of the Goddess, in Her care, there’s a sense of peace and I can breathe for a moment.

My Lady doesn’t demand it of me, my choice to rest in Her arms is, each time, freely chosen. And when I find my courage again, I find the spark of the divine that moves me, within me. She walks with me. She is me. Everyday I choose to remember that I am always under the hand of Love.

God is self and self is God, and God is a person like my self. ~Victor Anderson, Feri tradition.

Published by Ms Quin

Author of Twisted; Honest reflections of a kinky witch.

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