Follow me to the Temple

Follow me to the temple where we can dance once again Follow me to the temple of the goddess of pleasure and pain. Meet me now in the circle of arms holding each other tight, meet me now in the circle where we make each other feel right. Light the bright flame of passion soContinue reading “Follow me to the Temple”

Lingerie and Lust

Soft silk & lace against hard flesh makes my knees weak. Fingertips over silk. Stroking his firm muscle & bone through the richness of velvet? Divine. And a sharp cut suit over sumptuous curves, framing beautiful breasts, until I tear it off her? Heavenly. Screw the department signs in M&S.There’s little more perfectly sensual thanContinue reading “Lingerie and Lust”

Tie Me Up

Winding jute across my skin, sinking down and deeper in, edges felt in knots so tight I find myself in gentle night. Whispered touch of sensual care, shows me I am here, not there, wordless we speak across the space, safely held within this place. I’m a rope bunny – rope is my favourite kink.Continue reading “Tie Me Up”

Party time!

Last month was the book launch party‚Ķ As with so many things nowadays it was via video call, which was odd for a book themed around touch, community, and connection, but it did mean that people from all over the world could attend and that was wonderful.To be surrounded by my people, and to shareContinue reading “Party time!”

KOTW – Graveyards

Sanctuary A garden of graves, of bones, of places where we’ve planted our beloved dead. I love graveyards. They’re peaceful. The old stone angels stand between ancient yews, heavy with berries and death, give it a holy air. The song of the toxic trees is like a choir, music of eternal renewal and endless sleep.Continue reading “KOTW – Graveyards”